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Does the Cybergenics Quick Weight Loss Diet Really Work?

Everyone has faced the battle of the bulge, for some people this battle has gone on for longer than all the World Wars put together! Everyone knows how frustrating it is when you’ve tried almost EVERYTHING from diets to supplements, exercise plans to shakes.

While we know that pills, potions and fad diets will only provide a short term solution to your weight problem it is also important to know that in some cases you might be unknowingly adding kilos on through your habits or body functions out of your control.

5 Factors that can affect your weight loss success:

Too Many Diets

Too many diets will end up working against you in your [tag]weight loss battle/tag]. Instead of helping your body to work hard to lose the extra weight, diets often plunge your body into overdrive causing you to tire easily, put unnecessary strain on your internal organs and of course stop you from achieving weight loss results.

Increased Toxin Levels

Toxins in your body are drawn to areas where you store body fat i.e. the more fat you have the more toxins you have. High toxin levels slow your body down and in turn makes the body’s ability to burn fat slow too – making it a LOT harder to lose weight.

Eating Emotionally

People of all ages often turn to food for comfort. In times of stress, sadness, celebration and happiness – it all ends up expressed through food.

Often comfort foods are those naughty treats you usually try to avoid but because of your emotional state simply CANNNOT resist. Loaded with fat and sugar, these foods will undoubtedly play a role in your weight gain and consequent battle.

Eating Large Portions

Too often people are eating too much of a generally OK food. By eating a large portion of anything from meat to junk food, veges to sweets you are adding unnecessary calories to your daily intake. It is important to remember that it takes your body approximately 20 minutes to recognize that it is full.

Therefore when you are piling on the food at the buffet or around the dinner table you are probably eating more than you need. Because it takes so long to realize you are full (imagine how much you could eating unnecessarily in 20 minutes) it is recommended that you eat a normal sized portion SLOWLY!

Hormonal Imbalance

Some people, often without realizing, have a hormonal imbalance which prevents them from burning off the calories that their body/exercise routine would generally be able too.

A hormonal imbalance can affect a multitude of body functions, so if you suspect you might have such a condition consult your doctor.

Ok so what does Cybergenics have to do with all this?

The cybergenics quick weight loss diet is a combination of nutritional science, a yummy food guide and an easy workout routine.

Cybergenics concentrates on a range of elements including controlling your calorie intake, controlling your sugar cravings, increasing energy levels, losing weight, burning calories and fats, healthy nutrition, reducing fat absorption, reducing bloating, improving muscle tone and building lean muscle tissue.

The Cybergenics breakdown

The Cybergenics weight loss diet is broken into 4 parts.

1. The AM formula which aims to boost your metabolism and energy levels so you can burn more fat and still keep going through the day.

2. The PM formula which aims to enable you to burn fat even while sleeping, lose water weight and curb bloating.

3. A well balanced, healthy eating plan

4. A simple and easy exercise routine.

Remember to consult your doctor - as with any weight loss program or product you should talk to your doctor before trying it out. Your doctor will know if the program would be suitable for your weight loss goals/needs.

And of course approach with caution! Any weight loss supplement or program that promises instant and extreme results is most likely dangerous or a quick fix (i.e. you will find the weight creeping back on within weeks).

Diets are not the answer, frantic exercise is not the answer and most importantly pumping your system full of weight loss drugs is NOT the answer.

Healthy eating, regular exercise and dedication is the most effective and consistent weight loss method around.

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