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Cybergenics Vortex

DESCRIPTION : Vortex Sustained Release Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue.  The Vortex tablets have a sustained release formula providing the body with a steady stream of quality Amino Acids to the muscle throughout the day.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Vortex contains all the essential Amino Acids derived from Lactalbumen.  Cybergenics Vortex is formulated from Casein, a high quality Protein found in milk and cheese, and supplemented with Crystalline free form -1 Leucine and 1- Glutamic Acid along with Vitamin B6.
DOSAGE: 240 tabs = 30 days supply  Take 8 tablets a day - on training days take 4 tablets after training and before bed - as a dietary supplement take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets before bed.
RESULTS: The sustained release formula delivers a steady stream of Amino Acids to the muscle at the time of protein synthesis thus improving muscle development - providing higher levels of supplemented protein.
SUITABILITY: For all athletes involved in intense training who require a steady stream of Amino Acids throughout the day, increasing muscle development and aiding muscle repair.

Vortex: Proteins Designed for the Bodybuilder
All proteins are not equal. Just as there are fast and slow carbohydrates, likewise there are also fast and slow proteins. New scientific research has demonstrated that the speed of absorption of your proteins will radically influence their impact on your muscle mass.  These studies show that fast proteins such as Whey are strongly anabolic but lack any anti-catabolic effect. That is, they can not help you resist the muscle damage which occurs during a hard workout.

On the other hand, slowly digested proteins such as the ones found in casein are very potent anti-catabolics but are not as powerfully anabolic. Obviously, bodybuilders should combine both fast and slow proteins in order to accelerate anabolism while inhibiting catabolism. Vortex aminos are an easy, no guesswork way of doing just that.

The high tech Whey proteins found in Vortex Amino Acids will rapidly and strongly increase your anabolic drive. The major problem with classical Whey proteins is that because of their speed of assimilation,they are rapidly used up. They provide a quick boost to your blood amino acid level, but this is followed by a sharp fall. The anabolic drive is stopped and catabolism begins.

At Cybergenics, we have been aware of this problem for a while. This is why we stack the fast anabolic Whey with a slower anti-catabolic casein in our Vortex Amino Acids. In fact, we have created the first precision time released high Amino Acids specially designed for bodybuilders. The Whey induces a sharp elevation of blood amino acids. Once the powerful anabolic effects of the Whey start to decline, the casein kick in to maintain constant but high blood amino acids. Vortex Amino Acids are the smartest way of providing your muscles with a fast but long lasting amino acid supply. The powerful and rapid anabolic effects of Vortex Amino Acids make them ideal first thing in the morning and right after training when anabolism has to be boosted.

Vortex Sustained Release Tablets are made of slow amino acids. This sustained action will provide a strong anti-catabolic effect on your muscles. This protective action is ideal whenever you risk entering a catabolic phase: between meals, while you workout and during the night for example.

Cybergenics Vortex 240 Tablets
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