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Cybergenics Phase 1

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SIZE:  6 week program
DESCRIPTION:  This comprehensive kit is based on a balance of 4 potent supplements, training, base diet and rest factors - all combining to produce maximum muscular gains over a 6 week period.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Creatine Monohydrate, Chromium Picolinate, Potassium, Ginseng, L-Glutamine and all essential vitamins.
DOSAGE:  As per instruction manual.
CONTENTS:  4 dietary supplements, plus a 26 page instruction manual and video.
RESULTS:  The 4 supplements, manual and training video work in synergy to increase the athletes muscle mass and physical appearance creating an aesthetic shape geared for sport.
Designed for the beginner to intermediate athlete 6 week system incorporates the latest hybrid training program A 26 page manual and training videoIncreases muscle mass to achieve a toned and aesthetic muscular body
SUITABILITY: Designed for athletes wanting to achieve muscular gains.

PHASE 1: your personal trainer.
No guess work, just results!

Weight training made easy.
Anyone can rapidly pack on lean muscle mass and shed excess fat thanks to weight training. This is achieved through a combination of proper training, good nutrition, wise supplementation and strong motivation. If you put these four factors together, results will come easily. But only the strong synergy created by those four factors is powerful enough to trigger muscle growth. Advanced bodybuilders have learned over the years how to combine these critical four factors.
What if you are a beginner? Do you have to spend 5 to 10 years to become a bodybuilding and nutrition specialist to be able to pack on muscle?

What if you are in a hurry and that you want to get both bigger, stronger and leaner? You could hire a highly skilled personal trainer. At Cybergenics, we know that most of the weightlifting beginners cannot afford one. This is why we have created PHASE 1. PHASE 1 will be your personal trainer. With PHASE 1, you will learn everything you need to know about training and nutrition. On top of that, the PHASE 1 method will motivate and encourage you just as if you had a personal trainer at your side. In fact, the rapid muscle mass gain obtained with PHASE 1 will be your strongest motivator.

Beyond this, PHASE 1 will provide all the dietary supplementation a beginner needs. All the powerful growth stimulators, energy boosters and essential nutrients are provided to you in PHASE 1. This way, you will save money and avoid the often unnecessary and wasteful supplements that fill the shelves in health food stores.
In fact, PHASE 1 is such a good synergistic program that it is endorsed by the International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA) which groups more than 5,000 ot the top personal trainers worldwide.

What is PHASE 1 ?

1) A bodybuilding video tape.
The video will show you all the basic bodybuilding movements. You will discover exactly how to perform them, with what weight, how to combine them to create an effective weight training program for all your muscle groups. Every possible question a beginner can have is addressed in this tape which was designed by both exercise physiologists and pro bodybuilders.

2) A comprehensive supplement stack.
This supplementation program provides all the extra anabolic nutrients that are hard to get through nutrition. PHASE 1 supplements comprise four complexes which are all a combination of anabolic nutrients for muscle growth, energizers to increase your training intensity and adaptogens to speed up your recovery. If there is a secret in bodybuilding, this is it. The precise stacks contained in each complex comes directly from experience and analysis of the very best professional bodybuilders and trainers.

By boosting your energy reserves, the complexes will allow you to obtained the workout intensity required by the PHASE 1 training. They will allow you to break through the anabolic threshold that only a few bodybuilders can surpass. Only the PHASE 1 complexes will also allow you to recover from the tough workouts we prescribe. They will prevent the overtraining often associated with such intensive training in beginners. Your growth is assured while your colleagues just stagnate.

3) A dietary and training manual.
The manual will tell you:

  • What to eat.
  • When.
  • In what quantities.
  • What kind of foods to eat.
  • Which ones are to be avoided.
  • Which foods contain the best muscle building proteins or nutrients.
  • Which complex should you use before, during and after training.

This manual written by top nutritionist fits perfectly with training programs provided on the video tape. Not only will you pack on mass but your fat will also start to melt, fueling your intense training program.

4) A motivational program.
The PHASE 1 program is designed to keep you motivated. Most inferior bodybuilding program neglect this vital aspect of training. You lose faith and stop training altogether. Not with PHASE 1. By eliminating all the guess work, your muscles will get bigger right before your eyes. The muscle pump you will achieve with the PHASE 1 training and supplements will make new veins appear. Excess fat is going to be quickly replaced by hard, bulging lean muscles. All this will motivate you so that you will be surprised at how easy it is to train consistently.
You may now understand why PHASE 1 is the very best selling integrated bodybuilding program worldwide. PHASE 1 has helped thousands of beginners to pack on lean muscle fast. It will help youdo so, too. Make your personal trainer PHASE 1.

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