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Maximum Effort Training

Maximum Effort Training has been researched and tested to be one of the fastest ways to build muscle without having to resort to the use of anabolic steroids. People using Maximum Effort Training have made markedly greater increases in both strength and muscle mass then any other training method tested.

According to research it is the intensity of exercise that stimulates muscle growth. Many so-called experts have talked about intensity but few have understood what it really means. Intensity is a simple concept to grasp when you understand basic physics.

Work = force multiplied by distance. In your workouts this means how much weight you lift and for how many reps.

Power = work divided by time. This means how much weight you can lift for how many reps in how little time.

So the true meaning of intensity is forcing your muscles to do the maximum amount of work in the minimum amount of time. This does not mean you move through your reps fast, as a mater of fact each rep should be done in a slow deliberate manner such as 2 seconds for the lifting of the weight and 4 seconds for the lowering, but you should rest as little as possible between sets.

The correct way to increase intensity is by taking all work sets to positive failure (when you can no longer lift the weight up without assistance no matter how hard you try) and even going to negative failure on some exercises (after you have reached positive failure your training partner helps you lift the weight up and you lower it slowly back down until you can no longer lower the weight slowly and under control).

Doing the above combined with compound sets (2 or more exercises done with no rest in-between) and drop sets (after you can't do any more reps with a given weight your training partner takes off some of the weight and without rest you do more reps with the slightly lighter weight) will result in the highest level of intensity requiring your maximum effort and will give you the fastest gains possible.

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