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Cybergenics Cybertrim

DESCRIPTION: A six week weight loss kit designed to help you lose fat.  Contains 4 different supplements in capsule form.
DOSAGE: As per instructions.
RESULTS: Reduces body weight over the 6 week duration, stimulates metabolism and allows you to measure and track body fat.

4 individual herbal supplements that work synergistically to maximise results
52 page manual with detailed dietary and training regimes
Maximises fat depletion and increases muscle mass
SUITABILITY: All athletes who need to lose body fat to reach a target weight in order to increase athletic performance.

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Cybertrim is a 6-week fitness system, suitable for both men and women, designed to help you lose weight, tone your muscles and look your best in just four weeks.
Cybertrim incorporates four herbal supplements, which work synergistically to stimulate your metabolism. Combined with an easy to follow manual including detailed nutritional and exercise programmes, a tracking chart and body fat callipers to help you record your progress, you have everything you need to give you a healthier lifestyle.

Cybertrim Diet (Example)

You will be eating three meals each day
You may have to adjust times slightly to fit your schedule.

Your body requires a certain amount of fats daily, just to function properly. By following this nutritional programme completely you will be consuming an acceptable amount of fats for this particular programme. You see, our bodies require fats, and calories to function in a healthy manner. Additionally our bodies need fat in order to burn fat. You cannot and should not completely eliminate fat from your diet; you must control the amount of fat consumed on a daily basis. Simply following this programme does this. The final nutritional term we will address is calories. Calories are not important to this programme. Calories don't make you fat. Fat makes you fat.
In order to regulate and maximise your body's metabolism and minimise fat conversion and storage, you need to eat six small meals a day. This depends on your weight, hours a day you are active and your specific athletic goals. Remember that your body needs calories just to survive. Everything your body does requires calories. We must fuel our bodies with an adequate amount of calories. We don't need to count calories, because if we are taking in the correct amounts of protein and carbohydrates, our calories like our fats will take care of themselves.

Water is essential to our bodies. Water carries the toxins out of our bodies, it detoxifies the kidneys and liver, and constitutes the largest portion of our bodyweight. Your muscles are comprised of over 70% water, as is your brain. Your blood plasma is 92% water, and even your bones consist of over 22% water. The more water your body consumes on a regular basis the less water your body will retain. Everyone should consume a minimum of 4.55 lites of water a day. (Whilst this is optimum level for water consumption, a smaller daily intake can be made.) Tea and coffee are allowed in moderation while on this programme, remember moderation is the key word. Remember that caffeine can cause fluid retention, and also can deplete your body of minerals and electrolytes.
While on this programme you should stay away from dairy products and added fats. Do not prepare your foods with oils or salt. Do not add salt to your foods when cooking or eating them. Stay away from condiments, sauces and gravies or dressing that contain fats. Non-fat and low fat condiments and dressings are acceptable in moderation, however watch the amount of sugars they contain.

To order go to Cybertrim

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