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Bodybuilding Workout DVD
Cybergenics Workout Program DVD Video

The Cybergenics 60 day Total Bodybuilding System has been a world leading Bodybuilding program since its inception.

Developed on scientific principles using the integration of diet, exercise and specifically tailored supplementation, the system is globally recognised as the leading Bodybuilding Program.

An integral part of the program is the precise Cybergenics workout plan and training routines that accompany the Cybergenics workout manual, tailored diet and precision Isolates.

The Cybergenics workouts, familiar to thousands of users of the Total Bodybuilding System as a Cybergenics Video VHS tape, is now available on DVD.

This is a genuine Cybergenics DVD, containing the precise training program as in the cybergenics manual.

For all serious athletes, and Bodybuilders from beginner to the most experienced. In just a few weeks, you will see a dramatic increase in muscle, a noticeable depletion of Body Fat, and an increase in strength and stamina levels.

This Cybergenics workout routine is the result of extensive research into the muscular development of the body, the workout can be brief, but intensive, averaging less than one hour, five or six times per week.

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