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Cybergenics Before and After

Cyberenics take great price in producing the most compelling true life "before and after" success stories, which demonstrate so graphically that with the right tools and for the right person anything is possible.

Cybergenics takes equal pride in the strict control standards applied to each and every case study, to assure absolute and irrefutable accuracy. With Cybergenics you can be assured that each and every before and after case study is a 100% true and accurate depiction of success with Cybergenics.

The following is a brief synopsis of the painstaking procedure involved in producing every set of before and after photos:

The procedure begins when applicants are interviewed to be part of one of the Cybergenics case studies. Applicants are grouped by body-type, weight lifting experience, training background, age, sex, profile and goals; so that a cross-section equivalent to the general population is achieved. Each candidate is then photographed and reviewed by both company representatives as well as independent supervisors; taking detailed measurements as well as extensive photography documenting their exact condition at the beginning of the program.

Half of the candidates are housed in a training center facility, to insure rigid adherence to each specific product and program they are using, while the other half lives at home and are closely monitored. Both groups are photographed and reviewed many times within the scope of the program and a constant flow of data is compiled. At the end of the project, extensive certifications are put forth by the candidate as well as the individual trainer, photographer, and supervisors monitoring the project; attesting to the accuracy of each and every set of before and after photos.

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