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Cybergenics Arm Workout

Cybergenics Biceps and Triceps Workout Routine


Straight Bar Curls 4 Sets of 12, 10 and 8 Reps
Two important factors in building thickness of the biceps are speed of exercise and strict form. If too much time elapses between sets, the blood leaves the bicep muscle and attaining that rock-hard pump becomes almost impossible. Straight bar curls should be done with elbows straight down at your side of by rearing the elbows back slightly. Bring the bar up evenly without swinging before finishing and flexing for a second at the top.

Preacher Curls 3 Sets of 9-12 Reps
Use of the standard preacher bench is adequate for this exercise although the more steep or sharp the angle on the armrest, the more effective the exercise becomes. Do not be afraid to use and angle the leaves your arms pointing straight to the ground. This will add resistance at the top or finish of the contraction, allowing you to develop that elusive peak. Flex hard at the top for one second before brining the bar back down.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3 Sets of 9-12 Reps
Using the same principles of proper from, begin with the dumbbells at your sides in the hammer positions (thumbs forward). Then one arm a time curl the dumbbell upward and slightly inward toward the center of your chest while maintaining the hammer position until the contraction is complete with a hard flex at the top. Hammer curls are great for developing the outer peak of the bicep and anterior forearm.

Concentration Curls 3 Sets of 10-12 Reps
The best way to do this finishing exercise is by sitting down and leaning your tricep onto your inner thigh. Your upper arm from your shoulder to you elbow should always point straight down.


Flat Bench Triceps Extensions w/E-Z Curl Bar) 4 Sets of 9-12 Reps
Lying on your back, keeping your elbows in and your upper arms (biceps and triceps portion) stationary at a 90 degree angle. The E-Z curl bar should come down to touch at about the top of the forehead.

Cable Pushdowns 4 Sets of 10-12 Reps
Pushdowns should be performed by grabbing the bar palms down and keeping the upper arms straight down and tight to you sides at all times.

Dips 4 Sets of 9-12 Reps
The exercise may be done on a parallel bar-type apparatus or suspended between two flat benches. With either method, keep the elbow pointing straight behind you and not out to the sides to avoid brining much of the chest into play. Parallel bar dips can be weighted by using an appropriate belt and chain, while dipping between two benches calls for heavy plates being placed directly on the thighs.

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